Anthony at the 8th century Chand Baori step well in Abhaneri, India - 2013

Anthony at the 8th century Chand Baori step well in Abhaneri, India - 2013

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One evening in 1999, in a Sahara encampment somewhere between Morocco and Algeria, my Touareg guide - a nomad who spent the vast majority of his life in the desert - presented eloquent views in French about various then-relevant global affairs as we sat on dromedary blankets, under a blazing nighttime sky, sipping mint tea. When I pressed him to explain how it was that he was so well-informed, living as he did - in a sense - beyond time, he referred to himself, smiling, as a ‘nomade civilisée’ - or ‘civilized nomad’. The term stuck.

Fittingly, nomade civilisée is an emerging platform for global travel, photography, writing and culture, though it's taken some time for the concept behind the brand to gel. So while NC's initial businesses are being actively conceived, structured, crafted and ultimately launched, this website will serve as an interim gallery for selected photo-essays that capture fleeting moments, camera in hand, whether a few blocks or a few oceans from home - always marking personal encounters with unforgettable people and places. 

The current work collected here - The Color of New York and Through an Architect's Lens - are two threads of an ongoing exploration of New York City's amazing diversity beyond the well-worn centers of tourism and media. Its eight-and-a-half million inhabitants are as rich a mix of lives, culture and language as any place on Earth. Spread throughout five boroughs over 321 square miles, most of the city and its people are also largely unknown to much of the outside world. The projects, which began in October 2015, will continue through 2016. Please check back frequently, as material is added weekly. You can also follow my Instagram feed at @nomadecivilisee.

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Anthony Fieldman   Chief Nomad

Anthony Fieldman

Chief Nomad

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